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Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

Daisies, with their vibrant colours and cheerful appearance, are a favourite for their ability to brighten any space, symbolising purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

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These vibrant flowers are a celebration of life! A pack of these flowers is sure to make someone’s day. As you gaze upon our beautiful bouquets, you’ll be struck by the vibrant daisies that are the star of the show. A firm favourite among Singaporeans for their cheerful presence, a bouquet of gerbera flowers is perfect for adding a touch of happiness to any occasion with its dazzling array of colours, offering something for every preference.

Our expert florists carefully select and arrange all our daisy bouquets to create delightful floral arrangements that are one of a kind. With proper care, these flowers can last 7-10 days in Singapore's warm climate, ensuring lasting beauty and joy. 

At Flowers and Kisses, we also make ordering online from us as easy as a click of a button. With same-day delivery in Singapore, you can surprise your loved ones at a moment’s notice.


Unsure about the right flowers to pick for a special event? Our beautiful daisies are the perfect choice. Daisies are wonderfully versatile and suitable for any occasion that involves making that special person smile:


Daisy bouquets symbolise innocence and true love, making them an ideal anniversary bouquet. Their bright and cheerful presence celebrates the joy and endurance of love.


Mark the accomplishment and new beginnings of one’s graduation with a daisy graduation bouquet. Their vibrant colours and lively appearance perfectly encapsulate your heartfelt congratulations and the optimism of stepping into a new phase of life.


Flowers are a great mood booster, and our daisies are no exception. Their cheerful and bright appearance makes them perfect for celebrating birthdays, bringing a touch of happiness and colour to life’s big moments.


Our daisy bouquets at Flowers and Kisses come in a spectrum of colours, including charming peach, delicate pink, passionate red, and sunny yellow. Our variety ensures that you can find the perfect daisy arrangement to express your sentiments and suit any occasion.

Our larger daisy bouquets often feature a stunning mix with other popular flowers like roses or sunflowers, creating a breathtaking arrangement ideal for celebratory occasions like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. For a more individual touch, we also offer individually wrapped gerbera daisies.


Each morning, our flowers are handpicked and then skilfully arranged by our expert florists, ensuring only the finest quality in every daisy bouquet.

If you’re looking for a handcrafted, bespoke daisy floral arrangement, check out our ‘Uniquely Made Bouquet’. Simply choose a style, provide a brief description of your recipient and the occasion, and let us know what colour daisies you’d prefer or want to avoid. Our florists will craft a personalised bouquet that’s sure to impress.


Experience the convenience of buying gerbera flowers online from Flowers and Kisses. We offer free same-day flower delivery across Singapore (except Jurong Island and Army Camps), so place your order today and bring joy and smiles with one of our beautiful gerbera bouquets.

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Daisies typically thrive for about 5-7 days in Singapore’s climate, given the right care. Their longevity is influenced by the warm, humid weather, so keeping them in cooler indoor conditions and away from direct sunlight can significantly help prolong their freshness and vibrancy.

They are beloved for their bright, cheerful appearance and wide range of vibrant colours. Daisies are also very versatile, fitting well in various floral arrangements and suitable for many occasions. Their simplicity and the joy they bring make them a popular choice for gifts and decorations alike.

Yes, gerbera daisies come in a delightful variety, featuring a wide spectrum of colours and sizes. From classic shades like red, yellow, and white to more unique hues like peach, pink, and purple, there’s a flower to match every mood and occasion.

Yes, we do! At Flowers and Kisses, we offer same-day delivery for all flower bouquets across Singapore, with the exception of Jurong Island and Army Camps. Our delivery service operates throughout the week with a cut-off time of 4pm for orders placed on weekdays and 12pm for orders placed on weekends. To find out more about our delivery services, you can visit our delivery information page.

Definitely! Our gerbera bouquets are affordable and excellent for those who want to send a thoughtful, vibrant gift without overspending. We offer a range of bouquet sizes and prices, providing high-quality, budget-friendly floral arrangements that don’t compromise beauty or freshness.