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Flower Baskets

Looking for a beautiful and unique gift in Singapore? Available in a wide range of styles, colours and arrangements, our flower baskets are perfect for any occasion and taste. What’s more, they are expertly arranged by our skilled florists. Buy your flower basket online for fast and reliable delivery in Singapore. Shop now and surprise someone special with a beautiful floral gift.


Reasons to Gift a Flower Basket

Flower baskets make for versatile and thoughtful gifts suitable for various special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or simply to express love and appreciation, a beautifully arranged flower basket can convey your sentiments with grace and elegance. Here are some events wherein you can give someone a flower basket:

Grand Opening Gift

Aside from grand opening flower stands, flower baskets also serve as an ideal choice for a grand opening gift. It symbolises new beginnings and prosperity, making it a fitting gesture for businesses, stores, or offices celebrating their inauguration. The vibrant blooms can add a touch of charm and positivity to the auspicious occasion, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Get Well Soon Gift

When a loved one is under the weather, a flower basket filled with get well soon flowers can brighten their spirits and speed up their recovery. In fact, sending a carefully curated assortment of fresh and vibrant blooms conveys your well wishes and shows you care, plus the beauty and fragrance of the flowers can provide comfort and hope during their healing process.

House Warming Gift

A flower basket makes for a delightful housewarming gift, adding warmth and colour to a new home. It's a thoughtful way to celebrate a new beginning in someone's life journey.

Home Decor

Enhance your interior decor with a stylish flower basket, perfect for bringing a natural, refreshing touch to any room. Their beauty and charm can transform the ambience of your living space.

Birthday Gift

Surprise someone on their birthday with a bespoke flower basket, tailored to reflect their personality and style. Giving them birthday flowers is a unique and thoughtful way to make their special day even more memorable.

Valentine’s Day

Express deep affection and love with Valentine’s Day flowers that are expertly arranged in a basket. With their stunning and practical design, they can be easily carried and flaunted anywhere.

Types of Flower Baskets in Singapore

Choose from a variety of stunning bouquets and arrangements, all carefully arranged by our expert florists and delivered in a stylish basket. Our flower baskets are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts to birthdays, anniversaries, and many other special moments.

Here are some ways our floral arrangements can be a unique expression of craftsmanship and beauty:

Variety in Size

Our flower baskets come in a range of sizes, from charming, small arrangements to large, impressive displays. Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent or a grand gesture, we have the perfect size to fit your needs.

Diverse Flower Selection

We use a wide variety of flowers in our baskets, including classic roses, cheerful gerberas and lovely orchids. This diversity ensures that every basket is a unique and beautiful creation.

Colour Themes

You can also find flower baskets that are crafted with a specific colour theme in mind, ranging from vibrant and colourful arrangements to subtle and elegant monochromatic designs. Our colour themes are perfect for conveying specific sentiments and enhancing the mood of any occasion.

Arrangement Styles

Choose from loosely arranged, free-flowing designs or neat, meticulously organised arrangements. Whether you prefer a natural, garden-like feel or a more structured look, our flower baskets are tailored to suit your personal style.

Use of Greenery and Fillers

Our flower baskets are complemented with lush greenery and filler flowers, adding depth and texture to each arrangement. These elements work together to create a full, rich display that enhances the beauty of the primary blooms.

Convenient Presentation

Enjoy the convenience of our flower baskets, which are designed for immediate display without the need for a vase. The sturdy and stylish baskets can be effortlessly placed on a table, desk or shelf, complementing any space.

Buy a Flower Basket Online for Your Loved Ones

Discover the simplicity of sending love and appreciation by ordering your flower basket online. Our user-friendly website makes choosing and buying the perfect floral arrangement an effortless experience. What’s more, each flower basket is made to order, ensuring that your gift arrives fresh and vibrant, capturing the essence of your sentiments. 

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show you care, our online ordering service guarantees a seamless process from selection to delivery. So, buy your flower basket online today and experience the joy of gifting fresh, stunning floral arrangements with just a few clicks.

Pre-Order Flower Basket Arrangement with Flowers and Kisses

Elevate your gifts with our made-to-order flower basket arrangements. At Flowers and Kisses, we understand the significance of personal touches. So, we offer pre-orders that allow you to customise your basket with preferred flowers, colours, and styles. This way, you can ensure that your floral arrangement resonates with your personal message and the recipient’s taste. 

Moreover, our straightforward ordering process lets you select your preferences with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. This service guarantees not just a bouquet but an unforgettable emotional experience tailored to your specifications. 

Experience the art of thoughtful gifting with Flowers and Kisses’ bespoke flower basket arrangements.

Flower Basket Delivery Across Singapore

Enjoy unmatched style and convenience with our flower basket delivery service, available throughout Singapore. Our service includes nationwide same day delivery, ensuring your thoughtful gift arrives promptly, regardless of the occasion. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, or just a spontaneous gesture, our flower baskets, crafted by expert florists, are guaranteed to impress.

To qualify for our standard, same-day flower delivery, simply place your order at least two hours before your preferred delivery slot. For example, for a morning delivery between 10am and 2pm, secure your order by 8am. We offer three delivery time slots:

  • Morning (10am-2pm)
  • Afternoon (2pm-6pm)
  • Night (6pm-10pm, weekdays only)

While we cannot specify the exact time of arrival, our efficient delivery route planning guarantees that your flower basket will reach its destination within the chosen timeslot. Our standard delivery is free and available island-wide, except for Jurong Island and Army Camps. Note that specific surcharges apply to deliveries to Changi Airport, hospitals, Sentosa and Tuas. 

Rest assured, each flower basket is securely packaged to endure the journey. So, expect the arrangement to remain as fresh and beautiful as when it left our shop. Buy your flower basket from Flowers and Kisses and enjoy the promise of timely and reliable delivery across Singapore.

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