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Bridal hand bouquets and flowers play a pivotal role in any wedding celebration in Singapore. These floral arrangements are not mere accessories; they reflect a couple’s love story and symbolise new beginnings.

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These carefully chosen blooms are not just decorations but also an expression of the couple’s personalities and style. Bridal bouquets and wedding flowers come in a wide array of styles, colours, and themes. They add a touch of natural beauty, elegance, and romance to the wedding ceremony, creating lasting memories for both the couple and their loved ones.

Buying wedding bouquets online in Singapore has never been easier and more convenient. 

Flowers and Kisses offers a seamless online shopping experience that allows you to explore our collection of expertly designed hand bouquets from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can browse through a stunning array of hues and styles, ensuring that your bridal bouquet perfectly complements your wedding theme and personal style.

If you are looking for a custom bridal bouquet, you can select our Uniquely Made Bridal Bouquet to personalise your floral arrangement with your desired colour scheme and floral elements. Our custom bouquet ensures you stand out, making your wedding day even more memorable.

Whether you envision a classic white wedding bouquet or a burst of vibrant colours, our online platform empowers you to bring your dream bridal bouquet to life. Plus, we offer free standard delivery, making it even more convenient to receive your wedding flowers and celebrate your special day.


At Flowers and Kisses, we offer a range of cheap bridal hand bouquets that are perfect for a wallet-friendly wedding. Our commitment to affordability and maintaining the highest quality means that you can have stunning floral arrangements to celebrate your special day without sacrificing the elegance and charm of fresh flowers.


When choosing your bridal bouquet, budget is just one piece of the puzzle. There are several other crucial factors to consider to ensure your bouquet complements your wedding day seamlessly. Consider the following:

Theme and Colour Scheme

Your wedding's theme and colour scheme will guide your choice of bridal bouquet. The colour of your bouquet and the types of flowers you select should harmonise with your wedding's overall aesthetic. Whether it’s a romantic pastel palette, a vibrant burst of colours, or a classic white wedding, the bouquet should be a reflection of your chosen theme.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of a wedding bouquet should complement both the bridal dress and the bride herself. A good bridal bouquet should enhance the details of the dress and not overshadow the bride. For instance, choosing a large, hand-tied bouquet for a petite person could throw the overall look off-balance. In this case, a smaller, more compact bouquet style might be a better choice.

The Season

It’s essential to consider whether the flowers you desire are in season. Not all flower varieties are available year-round, and importing them can be costly. Opting for seasonal blooms not only adds a touch of sustainability but can also help you save on costs.


When it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding hand bouquet, the options can feel overwhelming. Each flower carries its unique symbolism and charm that you can use to make your bridal bouquet even more meaningful to you and your partner. Here are some of the most popular and classic flower choices you can consider:


Undoubtedly one of the most cherished wedding flowers, a rose bouquet symbolises love, beauty, and passion. Their timeless elegance and wide range of colours allow them to seamlessly fit into various wedding themes.


Hydrangeas are a versatile and charming addition to bridal bouquets. These blooms symbolise heartfelt emotions, gratitude, and understanding, making them a meaningful choice for weddings. With their lush, billowy petals and a spectrum of colours ranging from pristine white to soft pastels, hydrangeas add a touch of romance and grace to your bouquet.


Known for their lush, delicate appearance, peonies symbolise prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage. Whether you prefer a peony bouquet in a classic pink hue or a vibrant coral, the peonies’ soft, voluminous petals and captivating fragrance make them a coveted choice for wedding bouquets. 


As wedding bouquet trends evolve, there's a growing preference for organically shaped hand bouquets. These arrangements feature a mix of main florals, complementary foliage, and wispy elements, creating a luscious and effortlessly elegant look.

In terms of colours, the latest trend leans towards natural and earthy tones that seamlessly blend with various wedding themes. Soft blush, muted greens, delicate creams, and warm apricots are some popular floral choices that exude timeless beauty.

At Flowers and Kisses, our experienced florists take pride in curating bridal bouquet arrangements that capture the essence of these trends while adding personalised charm. Whether you're envisioning a rustic celebration or a classic affair, our handcrafted bouquets are designed to complement your style and enhance the beauty of your wedding day.


For your special day, trust our highly skilled florists to craft the perfect bridal hand bouquet that complements your wedding theme. We prioritise freshness, handpicking the finest flowers every morning from the floral market. This commitment ensures that your bouquet will be a stunning masterpiece radiating natural beauty.

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Couples are opting for bouquets of classic roses, elegant lilies, and delicate peonies. These blooms not only convey timeless elegance but also carry meaningful sentiments, making them the top choices for weddings this year.

In the Singapore weather, wedding bouquets typically last well throughout the day, maintaining their freshness and vibrancy. Our flowers will be fresh for at least 2-5 days, but to ensure their longevity, it's advisable to keep them hydrated and shielded from direct sunlight or excessive heat when possible.

It is best to keep your flowers refrigerated in a cool, dry environment and avoid all direct sunlight and heat. The flowers we utilise in crafting our wedding flower bouquets will typically stay fresh for at least 2-5 days, but storing them properly is key to maintaining their freshness.

Choosing Flowers and Kisses for your bridal bouquet ensures that you receive a handcrafted masterpiece by our skilled florists. We source the freshest flowers daily, guaranteeing their quality. Our easy online ordering and convenient delivery options make it a hassle-free experience, while our affordable prices ensure you have a stunning bridal bouquet without breaking the bank.