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Celebrate the beginning of a new business venture by sending your friend, relative or business associate a congratulatory grand opening flower stand. 



Explore our selection of expertly crafted grand opening flower stands that are perfect for conveying your heartfelt congratulations. With our same-day delivery service, your warm wishes will arrive promptly to show your support for any special occasion.

Congratulatory flower stands are a thoughtful gesture, whether sent to friends, family, or business associates. These special floral arrangements offer blessings and good luck to mark significant occasions like grand opening ceremonies, business launch events, store openings, or business anniversaries.

Show your support and send your well wishes for the big moments with our grand opening flower stands and spectacular floral displays! Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose the perfect flower display to celebrate the joyous occasion of a grand opening. With same-day delivery in Singapore, you can rely on us to create the perfect floral arrangement to express your heartfelt congratulations.


Usher in a sense of festivity and set the stage for a joyous occasion with our selection of congratulatory flower stands. Flowers are not just beautiful; they also hold a multitude of meanings, making them a perfect way to convey your heartfelt wishes and blessings.

Here at Flowers and Kisses, we offer a range of popular grand opening flower stands for you to buy, allowing you to create a memorable and meaningful start to any special occasion while leaving a lasting impact:

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies come in a spectrum of vivid colours such as red, yellow, pink, and orange. These followers symbolise happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism. When used in grand opening flower stands, these lively blooms add a burst of joy to your celebration, expressing joy, excitement, and best wishes for the new venture, symbolising endless possibilities and a bright future.


Roses are a timeless choice for any floral arrangement. At Flowers and Kisses, we carry a variety of roses, with each colour conveying a unique message. From red for appreciation to yellow for friendship and success, roses allow you to easily express your heartfelt sentiments and bestow your warmest wishes when arranged in a congratulatory flower stand.


Sunflowers are the epitome of celebration. Radiating adoration, loyalty, and positivity, sunflowers are known to radiate the positive energy that every auspicious occasion deserves. Their bright and vibrant petals beautifully mirror the optimism that comes with a new beginning, making them a perfect choice for a congratulatory flower stand.

These vibrant flowers are artfully combined with complementary blooms and fresh foliage in all our congratulatory flower stands. The careful arrangement enhances the overall aesthetic, ensuring a stunning and meaningful display that perfectly conveys your warm wishes for joy, success, and new beginnings.


Congratulatory flower stands from Flowers and Kisses are shipped promptly and efficiently throughout Singapore. We take pride in delivering freshly picked flowers to create an unforgettable impression and celebrate your special moments in floral style. Our florists carefully select the finest blooms, picked fresh in the morning, to ensure their vibrant beauty and fragrance. Each flower stand is meticulously arranged in our studio, where our skilled florists infuse creativity and craftsmanship into every design.

Our stunning grand opening flower stands remain fresh and vibrant for 2-5 days, serving as beautiful centrepieces for your celebration and guaranteeing a breathtaking display. Even with the size and grandeur of our flower stands, we provide complimentary delivery services throughout the island.


The perfect congratulatory flower stand can effortlessly make celebrations memorable. It is what represents a fresh start and a symbol of good luck to the success of the business. If you have any specific flower arrangements in mind, feel free to let us know. Our expert florists at Flowers and Kisses will curate and customise a flower stand for you.

You will not have to go out of your way to find the right florist as Flowers and Kisses delivers your flower arrangements straight to your recipient's shop front. Standard same-day delivery is offered free of charge, covering all areas in Singapore except for Jurong Island and Army Camps. For deliveries to Tuas, Changi Airport, Hospitals, and Sentosa, there is a $15 surcharge. To cater to your specific needs, we also provide the option to select delivery time slots, ensuring that your flower stands arrive precisely when required for the celebration.

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No, congratulatory flower stands at Flowers and Kisses are reasonably priced to suit various budgets. Whether you're planning a grand event or looking for more budget-friendly options, we provide a range of floral arrangements for all needs, ensuring the quality and freshness of our flowers are never compromised.

We deliver our opening flower stands for free to all locations, excluding Jurong Island and Army Camps. However, there is a $15 surcharge for specific locations like Tuas, Changi Airport, Hospitals, and Sentosa. To find out more about our delivery services, you can visit our delivery information page.

Our grand opening flower stands come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your occasion. The standard size ranges from 50cm x 170-180cm, perfect for most occasions. For a more grand and lavish display, you can opt for our luxurious size at 80cm x 180cm.

Yes, you can. Every congratulatory flower stand includes a customisable message card to share a personal message of support. You can input your message of up to 250 characters under the 'Greeting on Message Gift Card' section on the product page of the flower stand you want.