3 ways flowers can help boost your mood

3 ways flowers can help boost your mood

It’s no secret that flowers and plants are natural green healers; there has been lots of research done to demonstrate the impact that flowers can have on one’s overall happiness. Multiple studies have supported the healing effect flowers bring to those who receive them as gifts, and those who regularly have fresh blooms displayed in their homes. But how exactly do flowers assist with putting one in a good mood? Do they really have that much influence over your well being? Flowers and Kisses is an established online florist in Singapore, and this article touches on the various ways flowers can help lift your spirits at any time of the day.

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Being surrounded by nature is a cure on its own which helps to improve stress levels and ease anxiety. Studies have shown that homemakers, teleworkers, and entrepreneurs with home-based businesses who suffer from a lot of stress are positively influenced by the presence of flowers. 

Amazingly, even patients in hospitals who had get well soon flowers in the room during their recovery period felt less anxiety than people with empty rooms. The simple act of smelling flowers has been proven to relieve anxiety and alleviate mild depression. This is also one of the reasons why aromatherapy is based largely on floral scented fragrances.

Colour therapy

 Colour therapy sunflower bouquet Singapore

How is it that flowers can have such a positive effect on us mentally? There are a few factors that come into play: shape, smell, and interestingly enough, colour.

It is a known fact that each colour of the colour wheel comes with a meaning of its own. For instance, red symbolises passion or love, while blue is a colour that simultaneously represents both calmness and sadness. On the other hand, yellow, as we often see in sunflower bouquets, signifies happiness and good fortune. Green is the colour of nature that helps many feel tranquil and relaxed. This is how flowers and their colours can work to influence our moods and determine how we feel at the moment.

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Healing qualities

Healing qualities get well soon flowers

Flowers have been used for treating everyday ailments and illnesses for thousands of years. From providing relief from insomnia through the use of lavender and chamomile, to improving heart health with rose petals and rose hips, many blooms come with a wealth of healing qualities that bring peace to the mind, body, and spirit. 

The main reason so many of us enjoy being surrounded by flowers is, of course, their innate beauty. However, apart from serving as a sure way to beautify a room, these delightfully delicate blooms also hold the key to a better mood and general health. 

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