How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

You may have received a bouquet of fresh flowers and intend to adorn your room with this beautiful gift. However, with all fresh flowers, they will eventually wilt and die out.  Taking proper care of your flowers will significantly increase the lifespan of these delicate flowers. We have compiled a list of methods to make fresh flowers last longer.

  1. Remove the packaging from your bouquet and cut the stem at an angle before placing them into a vase with water. This increases the surface area and allows maximum absorption of water for the plant.
leaves in water
  1. Remove all leaves from the lower part of the flower and ensure none of it are submerged in the water. Leaves that are in the water are more prone to promote bacteria growth and will not make fresh flowers last longer.
check water level
  1. Check the water level daily and make sure to change out the water every day.
cool and dry
  1. Keep your vase of flowers in a cool and dry environment and away from the sun. This allows the flower to live longer. Certain flowers such as the hydrangeas are heat sensitive and will wilt quickly under the heat.
flower food
  1. The secret to keeping fresh cut flowers fresh is to ensure there is little bacteria growth in the water. Certain florists may provide a small packet of flower food. You may empty the packet into your vase of water to provide the necessary nourishment for your flower and keep bacteria at bay.
  1. You may add a few drops of vodka to the vase water for antibacterial properties along with a teaspoon sugar for nourishment. Change the water every other day, refreshing the vodka and sugar each time.
  1. Replacing water with 7UP in your vase of flowers can make them last longer. The sugar present in this citrus soda provides them with nourishment. Add a few drops of bleach into the 7up to prevent bacteria buildup. Make sure to change out the 7up every other day.
soap and water

8. Remember to wash your vase with soap and water. Presence of slime or dark/white spots on vase indicates bacteria buildup and will cause fresh flowers to wilt quicker.