9 Long Lasting Cut Flowers

When it comes to selecting a bouquet of flowers for you loved ones, one major concern everyone has is how long do the flowers last.

Unfortunately, flowers don’t last forever.

However, there are some flowers that are hardier than the other and will last significantly longer.

We have compiled a list of 9 such flowers that you can consider in your next bouquet purchase.

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1. Chrysanthemum

Last 3 – 4 weeks 


2. Gerbera Daisy

Last 2 – 3 weeks


3. Orchid

Last 2 – 3 weeks


4. Carnation

Last 3 – 4 weeks


5. Freesia

Last 1 – 2 weeks


6. Stargazer lily

Last 1 – 2 weeks

stargazer lily 2

7. alstroemeria

Last 1 – 2 weeks


8. sunflower

Last 1 – 1.5 weeks

sunflower 2

9. gladioli

Last 1 week



Ultimately it is all about finding a florist that you trust to bring you the freshest cut of flowers.

On top of that, it will require some diligence on your part in following proper flower care guidelines to ensure the flowers last as long as possible.

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We hope this has been useful in helping you select your next bouquet of flowers.