Give the gift of romance with the Daniella bouquet that comes presented in a one-of-a kind envelope-shaped encasement that adds a vintage feel to the classic bouquet.

The arrangement of flowers includes five silky red roses in full bloom that are surrounded by four pink fluffy carnations to give it a romantic feel.

Hypericum berries add splashes of red throughout the rest of the bouquet.

It is then finished off with foliage and wheat to fill it out and add a natural appeal. 

Contains: 5 Red Roses, 4 Carnations, Hypericum Berries, Wheat, Foliages.

*Do note that our selection of flowers may exhibit peculiarities in shade and tone from picture references on this page. That is the beauty of nature! However, rest assured that the colour themes and style will be in accordance with your choice.

24cm x 8cm x 33cm ( Length x Width x Height )
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