Rest and Shine


Whether your loved one is recovering in a hospital room and needs a little cheer or you just want to remind a loved one to take a breath and relax, the Rest and Shine is the bouquet for you.

The Rest and Shine bouquet features a bright yellow sunflower in the centre to bring a smile to their face.

On top of the sunflower, there is a small Snorlax plushie depicting the Pokemon that is most famous for his ability to sleep and sleep and sleep.

The bouquet is finished off with white baby’s breath and sprigs of wheat.

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Contains: 1 Sunflower, Baby’s Breath, Wheat, Snorlax Soft Toy.

Size: 25cm x 35cm ( W x H )

*Do note that our selection of flowers may exhibit peculiarities in shade and tone from picture references on this page. That is the beauty of nature! Rest assured that the colour themes and style will remain in accordance with your choice.