Lemon Barley


“Lemon Barley” is inspired by the Plump Yellow Roses that reminds us of Lemons and the dried wheats in the bouquet adds on the to the “barley” in its name. The bright yellow roses also shines optimism on those who are going though a hardtime at the moment, which make them the most suitable flower gift from a caring friend. The Wax flowers was the choosen filler flowers for this bright and optimistic bouquet as it also reminds us of Lemon’s flower before it turns into a fruit.

Contains: 10 Yellow Roses, Wax Flowers, Wheat & Other leaf folliages .

Size: 35cm x 30cm ( W x H )

*Do note that our selection of flowers may exhibit peculiarities in shade and tone from picture references on this page. That is the beauty of nature! Rest assured that the colour themes and style will remain in accordance with your choice.

Fairy Lights +
Vase +
Ferrero 24 pc +
Merci Chocolate +
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