Graduation Bea


Congratulate your loved one’s on the graduation with our Graduation Bea bouquet.

The bouquet puts a modern spin on roses and baby’s breath and is sure to get a smile out of whoever you hand it to.

The bouquet features an arrangement of five velvety champagne roses in the centre of the bouquet and is surrounded by puffs of baby’s breath to give it a softer look.

A cute Graduation Snorlax is carefully arranged with the bouquet.

Black frosty wrapping is wrapped around the bouquet, providing a backdrop for the colour of the roses and baby’s breath to contrast against.

Contains: 5 Champagne Roses, Baby’s Breath, Snorlax Graduation Soft Toy

Size: 25 cm x 35 cm ( W x H )

*Do note that our selection of flowers may exhibit peculiarities in shade and tone from picture references on this page. That is the beauty of nature! However, rest assured that the colour themes and style will be in accordance with your choice.