Single Stalk Daisy


A single stalk of gerbera daisy decorated with baby’s breath and foliage.

Showing a gesture of love through flowers doesn’t have to be a big dramatic endeavour saved only for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s Day, and the Single Stalk Daisy bouquet is proof of that.

This simple bouquet lets you express your love on any day of the week with its simple, yet beautiful single gerbera daisy stalk that is surrounded by purple statice sprigs all around it.

Wrapped in light purple paper, the arrangement measures a total size of 15 centimetres in width by 30 centimetres in height.

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*Do note that our selection of flowers may exhibit peculiarities in shade and tone from picture references on this page. That is the beauty of nature! However, rest assured that colour themes and style will be in accordance with your choice.